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Digital vs. Print: The Book Battle Rages On 02.02.2015 – Опубліковано: Блог, Думки, Книги, Натхнення

As the holiday shopping season swings into full force, it’s interesting to watch people buying books. Many a wish list has everything from the latest by Stephen King to an Amazon Gift Card (an actual card or via email) to a new e-reader device. Yet the battle for which is more popular is truly running neck and neck. No matter who you ask, the answer is always different, and usually very passionate. Christine Donovan, from Deerfield… Продовжити читання
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Writing, Creativity and Motivation 30.01.2015 – Опубліковано: Аксесуари, Книги, Натхнення, Огляди, Плакати

Voltaire is reputed to have said to a client “… madam, here is the novel you commissioned it’s in two volumes, if I had more time I could have written it in one.” What a dramatic statement! It gets to the heart of new writers problems – how to be clear and concise. As an established writer I am frequently asked for advice but fail miserably in supplying answers. I have been writing now for… Продовжити читання